Ian Philpot

I read an interesting article the other day about how Mitt Romney is making an effort to “fulfill the prophecies of the [Moron] church’s founder, Joseph Smith Jr.” by running to be the GOP’s candidate for the election later this year. Romney has denied this charge, and I believe him. I’m sure a lot of others do too. But then again, some don’t.

But the whole situation reminds me of a few years ago when a lot of people—including close relatives of mine—believed that Barack Obama was the antichrist. (Here are results from a Google News search from 2008 that backs up this claim…in case you needed proof.) So, President Obama is three years into his term, and there’s lots of evidence that he’s tried to bring all of the nations in the world together, and don’t forget how he’s asked everyone to get his mark/initials (BO) tattooed onto their wrist or forehead.

Oh wait. That never happened.

And you know what else never happened? President Obama never came out as a closet Muslim. Not that there’s anything wrong that. 🙂

So why do we even bother with “news” about how the President of the United States is going to be fulfilling some sort of massive religious prophecy? Aren’t we being a little proud if we think that the leader of our country is going to be the one that changes the world? And why aren’t we more confident in the checks and balances system created by our forefathers to prevent the President from taking over the government on religious grounds?

Boom. Roasted.