Ian Philpot

If I were sticking with the daily goal, I would be at 24 pages right now. Instead, I’ve fallen a few pages behind to 19. I’ve still got some time to make it back tonight before I’m officially behind going into Day 9. I’m confident I’ve not really fallen behind yet.

I’m also still feeling good about the direction of my script. I’m heading into uncharted waters this year having never before written a script longer than 14 pages. What’s really neat is how I keep packing bits of my life into the story. Continuing with the last post, here are some things I’ve put into the script that might not be obvious if you didn’t know it was on purpose:

  • I gave my main character, Rickey, the last name Kerr because it sounds like “coeur”—the French word for “heart”. The thought was that Rickey’s full name would be Richard “Coeur” after King Richard I of England, aka Richard the Lionheart.
  • I put Rickey in hospital room 402 since I was writing it on April 2.
  • I wrote in a character who hasn’t made it on stage yet, but he’s already proved to be  quite dumb. The character is Uncle Tim. In everything I write, I try to include an Uncle Tim and make him a complete idiot. This goes back three years when I met a friend’s Uncle Tim and he asked what I was going to school for. I said I was getting an English degree and I wanted to become a writer. He told me that the idea of creating art for a living was “ethereal” and that was being a stupid kid that needed to plan on getting a real job. He went on like that for about ten minutes. So now, in my writing, I get my revenge.

Well, that’s all for now. Hopefully the next time I update, I’ll be all caught up.