Ian Philpot

I started April with a lot of energy toward Script Frenzy. That energy kept me going for about a week and a half before it was forced in another direction.

April is always a busy month at my work, but I thought I could keep it under control this year. But circumstances beyond my control changed my plans. But I’m happy with the outcome—two beautiful websites (one that’s complete and another that’s waiting a week or so to launch).

I don’t want to take sole credit for those websites. I was one of a team who put out a great product. Maybe next Script Frenzy I should work with a team. But would I feel satisfaction from my writing if it wasn’t the solitary exercise that I have come to enjoy? I don’t know.

I was also distracted from writing by the Festival of Faith and Writing, and I don’t feel that might time could’ve been better spent doing anything but attending that conference. I loved talking to people at the Relief table, and I loved being around other authors. I even wrote a poem shortly after the conference that I am proud of.

April was a month well spent, and I am proud of how it ended. I plan on continuing to work on my script, including creating a poster for it and everything. As I keep writing, I’ll keep updating.