Ian Philpot

I’ve normally kept my tech findings to myself, save for a few conversations I have with people when they bring up the subject. Last month, I went out on a limb and wrote a techie post with some cool/free suggestions, and I got some great feedback. So I’m going to try to share three new websites/technologies every month and you can take them or leave them (but you’ll be cooler if you take them).

Hoarding cloud space

In my last tech post I wrote about the usefulness of storing files in the cloud. Since then, I’ve been added three more cloud accounts (CX, SkyDrive, and SugarSync). I feel like each one is a brand new closet that I get to store stuff in, which is great until I forget what’s in which closet.

Then I came across Otixo—a website that helps users manage their cloud accounts. The neat part is that I can move files from one cloud account to another without having to access them directly. Otixo also has a space for collaboration and group projects that I haven’t had time to explore that yet, but I will be making time for it soon.

Backing up your social account media

While my last post talked about how important it is to back up your social account data, I recently came across a website that streamlines your ability to back up your online pictures and videos—pi.pe. You can move photos from your flickr account to your Dropbox, move your Facebook videos to YouTube, and more. (The first thing I did was store all of my Instagram photos to my Box account.)

Now let me be clear, pi.pe is not a replacement for IFTTT. While IFTTT is life-changing, your recipes only work going forward, so there’s no way to go back for data before you created your recipe. Thankfully, pi.pe can go back for your photos and videos. The best news is that pi.pe is still in beta, so there’s a good change that they are going to have a lot more available soon.

No really, the internet can work for you

Just in case you didn’t do it the first time I told you, sign up for IFTTT. No. Seriously. I can’t tell you how helpful it can be. Well, maybe I can.

Here’s a list of my most recent IFTTT recipes:

As an incentive, if you sign up for IFTTT and share a recipe in the comments, then…I’ll tweet about it. How’s that for a prize?