Ian Philpot

NaNoWriMo Work SpaceI’ve been trying to make some progress on my NaNoWriMo story by getting to know my characters, places, and storyline. You can see my workspace in the picture on the right.

By the time I had fourteen chapters planned, I realized that I liked the story but I wasn’t going to enjoy writing it. Instead of trying to force that story, I’m going to gather the index cards I’d been plotting on, store them in a shoebox with some old writing notebooks, and start over with my new story.

Ah yes, I guess I should mention: I have a new story.

It’s about a man on the edge of an historic event. He’s fully aware of the situation and has to decide between running away to ensure his personal safety or taking a position of leadership that could cost him dearly. Instead of deciding, he lives out both options.

There’s more, but I’m way behind in my preparing for NaNo and I’ve got index cards to start planning on.