Ian Philpot

Yesterday I’ heard several people talk about how they don’t want to nitpick or how they don’t want someone else to go nitpicking. Then I thought about how odd it is that a word about picking the eggs of lice out of someone’s hair became a part of our everyday vocabulary.

But what if you had lice? Would you want someone to go nitpicking? (If not, you’re a sick person…in more ways than one.)

So often I’ve heard people who don’t want to nitpick or be nitpicked. But I never hear anyone asking to be nitpicked.

Nitpicking is the process of removing something small and unwanted  from a place we aren’t able to reach by ourselves. Why would we turn this down? Wouldn’t it help to have more nitpicking in our lives?

Now I understand there should be some caveats. You wouldn’t want some random stranger nitpicking. You wouldn’t want to be nitpicked several times a day in the same area.

But I think nitpicking is something we should be seeking out. Nitpicking is not only good, it keeps us in good health.