Ian Philpot

The first day of the Global Leadership Summit was awesome, and I’m already thinking of ways to apply it to my life.

Liz Wiseman stands out the most in my mind. Her talk was on multipliers—leaders who bring out the best in their teams. She had one quote that was particularly challenging: “Are you leading like a genius who has all the ideas and answers or are you the genius-maker?” So good.

Before Liz spoke, Patrick Lencioni was on, and he shared something simple yet profound. The team I’ve been working with all day made a graphic out of it.

Photo Aug 10, 4 07 06 PM

The great news is that I’m ready for tomorrow. The concerning news is that I felt the same way after Day 1 last year, and I got completely overwhelmed during the first speaker on Day 2. Here’s to hoping for the best, and here are some of my favorite quotes from today:

“So many of God’s rewards for leaders are reserved for late in the race. Do not give up early. Finish strong.” —Bill Hybels

“People say, ‘Failure is not an option.’ Oh yes it it. Every time. Great leaders know that.” —Colin Powell

“Our calling has to trump our culture.” —Chris Brown

“If you want to lead strong…say yes even when it seems crazy to say yes.” —Bob Goff

“The one thing about a calling from God, when He calls you, you have to get your ass off the couch and do something.” —Mark Burnett