Ian Philpot

I’m now two days into writing my NaNoWriMo novel, The Signateur, and I’m over 5,000 words already.
(That’s one day ahead for anyone counting.)

Better yet, I’m learning more about my characters and my story as I write them. It’s always so interesting to me how, though I’m consciously in control of the story, my subconscious is also in charge of some part of this. It can lead to surprises about who I thought a character was and who they end up being.

But what I’m most excited about is sharing my cover for the novel. It was created by a friend of mine who works in the publishing field and made a beautiful image in such a short amount of time.

I present to you my cover.

The Signateur cover

That image is the background of my screen when I’m writing. It’s the image I keep looking at whenever I’m thinking about my novel. It is a great representation of what I’m working for this month. I’m so excited to have it, and it makes me wish I could share my work along with it.

Finally, my constant talking about my novel has led to two friends of mine making the decision to write their own novels. (Well, one of them is actually writing a screenplay, but I’m counting it.) I’m not counting it as a big win until I see that they’ve updated their word count, but I’m still excited for them and their November journeys.

Now to churn out a couple more words. More updates soon.