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A movement program to help your group be active

Move. Stay alive. Feed good.


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Do You Struggle with Sitting Too Much?


of American workers spend their workday sitting


of Americans don’t manage to incorporate exercise into their daily routine


of Americans spend 8+ hours sitting every day

minutes of exercise a day can extend your life 5-10 years

“Sitting is the new smoking.”

We live in an increasingly sedentary world, and the long-term effects of that lifestyle include higher stress levels, cardiovascular issues, diabetes, and cancer.

“The single most effective prevention strategy is the practice of strength-balance exercises.” Dr. Elizabeth Phelan, MD

SwingMove was created to be an easy, low-impact movement program that helps you feel better, be healthier, and enhance your lifestyle in positive ways.

“Doing 10 moves in 10 minutes could make you feel 10 years younger.” Dr. Theresa Oswald, MD

Why Groups Matter with SwingMove


When a group chooses to move together, people are more likely to complete the movements.

Group Discounts

Our tiered group pricing makes SwingMove very affordable for large groups.

Healthier People

SwingMove was created to help as many people as possible to get and stay healthy.

Get Moving & Be Well

1. Contact Us

We want to understand your group so we can give you the best customized program.


2. Custom Rollout

Our team will work with you to ensure the program is optimized for your application.


3. Get Moving

Watch as the people within your group are changed after even a few days of the program.


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SwingMove is moving for everyone!

Start moving and you’ll feel energized, stress-free, and can even add years to your life.