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A revolutionary new movement program halting the sitting disease

Move. Stay alive. Feed good.


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Do You Struggle with Sitting Too Much?

Are you sitting for more than 8 hours every day?


Is your energy level low?


Do you know you need to be moving more?


Do you feel stressed out?


Are you looking to improve your health?


Is it hard to exercise regularly?

The Movement Program You Need to Try
Hear from SwingMove’s founder, Russell Cleveland
We live in an increasingly sedentary world — desk jobs, long commutes, and fewer and fewer entertainment activities that don’t involve sitting. It’s hard to avoid sitting, and it can be ever harder to find the time to workout.

All Ages

SwingMove was created to be done anywhere by anyone — from young kids to seniors.


The program has been approved by medical professionals as a preventive measure against sitting disease.

Healthier You

There are short-term and long-term benefits from SwingMove, including increased stamina, mobility, and potentially a longer life.

“Moving for just 10 minutes a day can increase your life by 10 years. SwingMove’s movement program has the potential to undo the effects of the sitting disease and add years to your life.”

Dr. Theresa Oswald, MD

What Is SwingMove?

SwingMove is revolutionary because it combines movements from the tai chi, qigong, yoga, calisthenics, and pilates practices. The exercises involve a kinetic anchor to encourage blood flow to the fingers and muscular vitality. The movement program takes just minutes to complete, and if done regularly, it can halt the effects of the sitting disease.

SwingMove is movement for everyone. Whether you’re on your feet, stuck in your chair at work, or have physical limitations that keep you in bed, you can participate in SwingMove’s movement program. SwingMove is a fun exercise for kids, seniors, and everyone in between.

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SwingMove is moving for everyone!
Start moving and you’ll feel energized, stress-free, and can even add years to your life.